Fish Species

Targeted Species:

Atlantic Sailfish:

Florida State record is currently 116lbs.The common weight of Sailfish caught in this area is about 45-60 lbs. The last Sailfish that was caught on my vessel checked in at 83 inches overall length and weighed approximately 86lbs.


(Not Flipper): is also known as “Dorado” & “Mahi-Mahi “. Florida State record is currently 77lbs. This fish was caught out of Ft. Pierce, Florida ,which is one of the area waterways that we will have access to. The largest Bull Dolphin caught on my vessel was 37lbs and had a length of 57inches.


Also known as “Hoo” & “Ono”, which is Hawaiian for Wahoo. Florida State record is currently 139 lbs. The largest Wahoo caught on my vessel was 50lbs. 66 inches in length and had a 22 inch girth.

King Mackerel:

Commonly called “Kings” and or “Smoker Kings”. Florida State record is currently is 55lbs. The largest King caught on my vessel was 37 lbs with a length of 47 inches. The State record King fish was also caught out of the same waterways.

The above are the main types of fish people more commonly like to go after. The following fish described below are additional types of fish & various weights caught on our vessel:


Up to 37 lbs. (Some refer to as cod ling). 

Mutton Snapper:

Up to 10lbs.


Up to 30 lbs.

Atlantic Bonito:

Up to 18lbs (could be a pending State record).

Various Groupers:

Up to 7lbs.

Tropical Reef Fish:

Endless amount of all different types.

The goal for me is to create the same great memories & BIG fish stories for each and every person that goes fishing aboard the Lynora II.

Bottom Fishing includes; Grouper, Snapper, Atlantic Bonito, Barracuda, Sharks and an endless assortment of Reef Fish common to the area. This is your typical ocean fishing.

River fishing includes Sea Trout, Tarpon, Sharks, Sheep Head, Red or Black Drum, Bluefish and plenty of Catfish.

Whether you have a day off, are looking for a weekend getaway, or are planning a five-day vacation, we may have the perfect package for you.