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19.6 lb Bonito!



Another King! 


  Another Landing



Blackfin 29LB 



Cobia Aldin




Christina's Cobia 25lb 



D Big One



Debbie's First Bonito 


Debbie's First Sail



Dolphin Aldin 


Florida Fishing 023




Great Cobia! 



Grouper Action



Happy Anglers! 


J 1st Big One 2



  Jarods first king 





Jem II 


Josh's Dolphin



Josh's First Sail 


King for a Day!



Nice Trigger Fish 


Rich's Dolphin



Shark II 





Trigger Happy 

fishing 8-2-08 023 .jpg (45725 bytes) Smoker  

Sally Boy oh boy

fishing 8-2-08 029.jpg (1048576 bytes)
fishing 8-2-08 037 .jpg (49294 bytes) Rich with Bonito

James ( on leave from Germany)

fishing 8-2-08 055 .jpg (43195 bytes)
fishing 8-2-08 064 .jpg (65622 bytes)  a group shot with a few keepers

lucky 7

Lucky7.jpg (51632 bytes)
Mr.H'sPrize!.JPG (65107 bytes) Mr. H's Prize!

James's Brusier Bonito

James'sBrusierBonito.JPG (44104 bytes)
Ian'sBattlesaBonito.JPG (69849 bytes) Ian's Battles a Bonito

Austin Wins the Battle!

AustinWinstheBattle!.JPG (42225 bytes)
Austin&IancatchDinner.JPG (41792 bytes) Austin & Ian catch Dinner

Great fighter

GreatFighter!.JPG (39567 bytes)
Frank'sWorkout!.JPG (59824 bytes) Frank's workout!

Al's first sailfish

Al'sFirstSailfish!.JPG (62558 bytes)
Al'sAmberjack.JPG (56974 bytes) Al's Amberjack

Shark Attack !!!!

wpeD.jpg (31195 bytes)
wpe9.jpg (17975 bytes) Weighed in at 25.5 lbs. 48 inches long.

Dominck's Biggest King Mackerel.

wpe7.jpg (16313 bytes)
wpe1.jpg (26564 bytes) What a Catch of the Day !

Nice Lane Snapper for this Angler!

FishPics004.jpg (90921 bytes)
FishPics003.jpg (22870 bytes) Assorted snapper fillets make fine table fare!

Some Yellowtail Snapper Delight!

FishPics001.jpg (32427 bytes)
Duke.jpg (29235 bytes) Duke's First Pair of Kings

Johnny's First Deep Sea Trip

Johnny.jpg (66974 bytes)
RonaldsFish.jpg (43223 bytes) Ronald Having a Great Time with Kingfish!

Rich's Bonito

Rich'sBonito.jpg (66599 bytes)
Aldin'sDolphin.jpg (75442 bytes) Aldin's Dolphin

Some Table Fare

SomeTableFare.jpg (55405 bytes)
GeorgesFathersDayPresent.jpg (54697 bytes) George's Fathers Day Present

Puffer Fish

puffer.jpg (14075 bytes)
peanut.jpg (21644 bytes) Tonight's Dinner

Sharks Delight

sharks.jpg (17209 bytes)
aj.jpg (15873 bytes) Tug of War with a AJ

Fast and Furious

bonito.jpg (20076 bytes)
cuda.jpg (17692 bytes) Cuda Action

Nicole is one happy angler.

nicole7.jpg (31657 bytes)
girl.jpg (32773 bytes) What a Catch!!


Jr amberjack.jpg (37526 bytes)

matt4.jpg (29975 bytes)  This Pelican in the background is waiting patiently for Matthew to clean his catch while Fishing aboard the Lynora II 

Check out this dolphin and the bright yellow colors! 

matt3.jpg (33330 bytes)

2guys.JPG (18519 bytes)

Captain Sal & Dominick with a nice catch of  some Cobia & Kingfish!


Captain Sal cleaning some of the fish caught for his Customer

2kings.JPG (16673 bytes)

3guys.JPG (12923 bytes)

Showing off some grouper & Snapper prior to the dinner bell down in the Florida Keys!


Nothing like a young Angler showing off his catch of an Amberjack!

amberjack2.JPG (9802 bytes)

bigking.JPG (17239 bytes)

Closing in on a State record with a large King Mackerel on light tackle!

Junior angler with his trophy catch of a 37lb Cobia!

cobia.JPG (12792 bytes)

dom.JPG (19119 bytes)

This dolphin gave an acrobatic display on the water for this Angler.


There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a child smile & have trouble carrying their catch.

domsking.JPG (20943 bytes)

fishermen.JPG (23280 bytes)

A busy day on the water!

This cobia weighed in at 38lbs for this Happy Angler from Port Saint Lucie, Florida.


gaffers.JPG (11976 bytes)

grouper.JPG (10820 bytes)

A nice juvenile grouper for this Angler fishing on the River!

This Lady Angler is happy with her first dolphin catch weighing in at ten pounds.

lynn.JPG (15024 bytes)

sailfish.JPG (14752 bytes)

A nice Atlantic Sailfish release!

This Angler took his first Sailfish.


sailfish2.JPG (18075 bytes)

smallkings.JPG (17096 bytes)

Lighting fast Kingfish give a great battle for the Anglers.

Exciting acrobatic splashing of another Atlantic Sailfish!

splash.JPG (6264 bytes)

Some Kingfish for the Smoke House.


Nice catch of dolphin for Matthew from Port St. Lucie, Fl.

matt2.jpg (48697 bytes)

matt5.jpg (27503 bytes)   Back at the docks to clean tonight’s dinner!

Another acrobatic dolphin.

mat.jpg (11969 bytes)